This is a STORY of a young girl who struggles with the people around her. ABANDONED by her birth Mother at age 3 sent to grandparents and an orphanage to live. Finally ADOPTED her adoptive mother tortured her both mentally and physically. She RAN AWAY at age 13 to find her birth mother who promptly sold her virginity for $5000 as a sex toy. She ESCAPED only after he slit her stomach open and shoved her out of the car for dead. Put in FOSTER HOME after Foster home where she was sexually abused by her foster dads. Longing for love she married men that abused her both mentally and physically. Throughout her life, the very people who were to take care of her and show her love are the very people who betrayed her. Eventually she escaped the cycle of abuse, found spiritual healing, and became a productive member of society.

This story is true and I am the girl. Have you ever wondered why did this happen to meI always felt the desires of my heart were good. I didn’t understand why I had to go through trials that ultimately changed those desires of my heart. Time seemed to pass by so slowly day after day week after week month after month and year after year it felt as if it would never end. Although I couldn’t see the blessings that would eventually come into my life because of my trials. Painfully struggling through one at time. It made me who I am today. Though I had not anticipated this as my life or who I would become. I believe now that this is exactly the life God had planned for me. So that I can share with you my story and hopefully in the process give others hope to find a way out for themselves